Count Words in MS Office or PDF Docs API Demonstration


This tool demonstrates DocumentAlchemy's ability to count the number of words in an MS Office or PDF document.

Select the file you'd like to count the number of words in.

Then click the “Submit” button to obtain the count.

Choose a File.

This demonstration only exposes a few of the capabilities of the underlying API.

Visit the interactive API reference to learn more about DocumentAlchemy's support for converting PDF documents to text and other document processing methods.

Instantly add Microsoft Office support to your application, even on mobile, without the hassle and expense of maintaining a dedicated conversion box.

DocumentAlchemy is a RESTful web service API for converting, generating and processing “documents” in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Office, PDF, HTML, Markdown, OpenOffice, images (PNG/JPEG/GIF/WebP/TIFF) and data (XML/JSON/FDF).

To learn more about the DocumentAlchemy API, visit the interactive API reference or review some of the sample code (at GitHub).

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