Web Screenshot API Demonstration


This tool demonstrates DocumentAlchemy's ability to generate a "screenshot" image from a web page or HTML file.

Enter the URL of the page you'd like to capture and select the size of the browser window at the time of the capture. Then click “Submit” to render the screenshot.

To capture a multiple screenshots at once, try the Responsive Site Tester.

This is simply the URL of the web page you'd like to capture an image of.

For example, try https://duckduckgo.com/, https://documentalchemy.com/, http://reddit.com/.

This option controls the size of the web browser's “viewport” when the screenshot is taken.

If you only specify a width, the viewport will be tall enough to contain the full contents of the web page. If you specify both a width and a height, the screenshot will represent what an end-user would see with a browser window at that resolution.

This option controls the size of the image that is generated from the screenshot.

You may choose “Full Size” to create a “true”, full-sized screenshot or select one of the other options to scale the screenshot up or down to create the final image.

This demonstration only exposes a fraction of the capabilities of the underlying API.

Using the full DocumentAlchemy API you can:

  • control Cookie, Authorization and other HTTP headers to capture screenshots of protected pages,
  • set the browser viewport and output image to an arbitrary size,
  • scroll the browser's viewport to any part of the page,
  • submit POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE and other non-GET requests,

and much more.

Visit the interactive API reference to learn more about DocumentAlchemy's support for rendering a web page as an image and other document processing methods.

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To learn more about the DocumentAlchemy API, visit the interactive API reference or review some of the sample code (at GitHub).

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