DocumentAlchemy's Web Robot


If you found a user-agent string with a link to this page in your web-server logs and want to know more about it, you've come to the right place.

What is Document Alchemy?

DocumentAlchemy is a service that provides a REST-ful API that developers can use to create, parse, convert, transform or otherwise process a number of different “documents”—e.g, Microsoft Office, images or photographs, PDF files, Markdown documents, even web pages. For more information, you can visit our list of free online document conversion tools that demonstrate some of DocumentAlchemy's capabilities or the interactive reference to our document processing API.

What is the DocumentAlchemy Bot?

The DocumentAlchemy “Bot” is a virtual web browser that API clients can point to a website in order to do things like capture a screenshot or export a web page to PDF.

If you find the DAB's user-agent string in your web logs it is because one of our customers asked us to somehow parse or process one or more pages on your web site.

How does the DocumentAlchemy Bot identify itself?

The default format for the DocumentAlchemy Bot's user-agent string is as follows:

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/538.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) DAB/1.3.3 Safari/538.1 (compatible; +https:/; for A.B.C.D)

where "DAB/1.3.3" identifies the version of the bot and "A.B.C.D" contains the IP address of the API client that requested that we visit your site.

Please note that DocumentAlchemy allows API clients to control the HTTP headers that are submitted by our bot. These headers might include a custom user-agent string. So if an API client asks us to, our bot may visit your page with a different user-agent string (but only when an end-user asks us to).

You didn't fetch the robots.txt file. Are you a naughty bot?

The DocumentAlchemy Bot is not a “web-spider”. It does not explore the web on its own, looking for and visiting new links.

The DAB will only visit a web page if it has been explicitly pointed there by an end-user or API client. For this reason we feel that it is more appropriate to think of the DAB as a true user agent—more of a web browser like Google Chrome than a web robot like Googlebot.

Regardless, your bot is doing annoying things on my site, how can I stop it?

Our terms of service prohibit using the DocumentAlchemy API for malicious, abusive, illegal or inappropriate activities, and we take those terms very seriously.

If you believe that the DAB is being sent to your site in inappropriate ways or with malicious intent, we are as eager as you are to put a stop to it.

or use our contact form to report any activity you are concerned about.

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