Introducing the DocumentAlchemy CLI

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Introducing the DocumentAlchemy CLI

The DocumentAlchemy team is happy to announce the release of a command-line interface to our document processing API.

The command line interface makes it even easier to use the DocumentAlchemy API, whether for quick, one-off conversions or as a simple tool for integrating DocumentAlchemy with other programs.

The DocumentAlchemy CLI installs a program called document-alchemy with which you can invoke DocumentAlchemy's API endpoints thru a simple command-line syntax.

For example, to convert an MS Word document to Markdown, you can use:

document-alchemy convert WORD_DOC.docx --to md

The same general form works for most document-to-document conversions:

document-alchemy convert --to docx > Word-from-Markdown.docx

document-alchemy convert DOCUMENT.pdf --to txt > Text-from-PDF.txt

document-alchemy convert SLIDE-DECK.pptx --to >

document-alchemy convert CHARTS.xls --to pdf > PDF-from-Excel.pdf`

(and so on.)

In addition to convert as of this writing the application currently supports qrcode for generating QR codes:

document-alchemy qrcode "Hello World!" -o hello.png

and capture for generating “sceenshots” of web pages:

document-alchemy capture -w 1024 -h 600 -o screenshot.png

Best of all, the DocumentAlchemy command-line tool is extendable, expandable and open source.

The document-alchemy-cli application is architected to support “pluggable” commands. Any JavaScript component that implements a simple interface can be added to the document-alchemy app as a “sub-command”. For this reason, (1) we expect it won't be long to add support for additional REST endpoints to the command-line app, and (2) you can easily add custom sub-commands that are purpose-built to your workflow.

You can find the source code for the DocumentAlchemy command-line tool at GitHub at

Installing and using the Document Alchemy command-line tool

The document-alchemy client is currently packaged as a server-side JavaScript (Node.js) module. Hence to install it you'll first need to install Node.js by following the directions at

With Node.js (v0.10+) installed, to install the document-alchemy app, just enter:

npm install document-alchemy-cli -g

You can then use the in-app help feature for up-to-date documentation on how to use the tool. Just enter:

document-alchemy --help

for help on using the program in general, or:

document-alchemy --xhelp

for detailed (eXtended) help on using the program in general, or:

document-alchemy <COMMAND> --help
document-alchemy <COMMAND> --xhelp

for short or long help (respectively) on a specific sub-command.

Additional help can be found in the GitHub repository and related pages.

* * * * *

The document-alchemy-cli module is open-source for a reason We hope you'll find it useful and instructive, and invite you to adapt it to your needs. (Since the application is “MIT”-licensed, you are free to use and even modify the app for proprietary commercial applications.)

We welcome and appreciate any feedback, questions, comments, bug-reports or pull requests you'd like to share with us.

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