5 Things You Can Do With DocumentAlchemy

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5 Things You Can Do With DocumentAlchemy

5. Add a Cover Page to a PDF Document

You have a collection of PDF files.

You want to put those files up on the website, but not before adding a “cover-page” that indicates their source and your company's contact information.

The cover page is also a PDF file, so your objective is to insert a single page at the beginning of each of the source documents.

You can use DocumentAlchemy's “join documents” REST endpoint to insert that cover page.

For example, to add a cover page to a single PDF file, you can use the following curl command:

where TITLE-PAGE.PDF is your cover page and DOC_BODY.PDF is the document you want to add the cover page to.

Here's a shell-script that will add a cover page to each document listed on the command line:

Save the script as add-cover.sh, make sure it is executable (chmod a+x add-cover.sh) and run it like this:

./add-cover.sh cover-page.pdf documents/*.pdf

to create a copy of each PDF file in documents with cover-page.pdf inserted.

Note that the generated files will be found in the same directory as the source file, with the string covered- added to the file name.

EDIT: See “Add a cover page to a PDF document” in “Five Things You Can Do With the DocumentAlchemy API - Command-Line Interface Edition” for an even easier interface to this functionality.

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