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Split and Join Commands Added to CLI

Just a quick note that split and join commands have been added to the DocumentAlchemy command-line interface.

split will split a PDF document into individual pages.

join will combine a collection of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and PDF documents into a single PDF.

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Introducing the DocumentAlchemy CLI

The DocumentAlchemy team is happy to announce the release of a command-line interface to our document processing API. The command line interface makes it even easier to use the DocumentAlchemy API, whether for quick, one-off conversions or as a simple tool for integrating DocumentAlchemy with other programs.

The DocumentAlchemy CLI installs a program called document-alchemy with which you can invoke DocumentAlchemy's API endpoints thru a simple command-line syntax.

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New Web Screen Capture Methods.

Last week we mentioned that after much experimentation with web rendering engines, we've created a heuristic-driven solution that chooses among many options (and occasionally some minor pre- and post-processing of the input HTML and output image).

This week we released new REST endpoints for creating a screenshot (or multiple screenshots) of a web page or HTML document based on that hybrid solution.

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Many ways to screenshot a web page.

We've been experimenting with web-to-image conversions for a little while now, but we were never quite satisfied with the results. There are easily a dozen ways to go about this, but no one framework is universally “better”. Some pages render better in engine A, others in engine B.

Later this week we'll be rolling out a hybrid solution that uses heuristics to determine the which engine to use to render a given web site or web page.

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5 Things You Can Do With DocumentAlchemy

There are a lot of nifty things you can do using the DocumentAlchemy API. In this post we list some of them, and provide working, full-source examples on how to do each.

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