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Image Transformations Added to CLI

A new release of the open-source, command-line interface to our document processing API is now available on GitHub and npm.

This release adds a new transform command supporting the image resize, crop, rotate, flip, blur, sharpen and convert-to-grayscale functions of our “transform image” API endpoint. Follow the jump for details.

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Open Source Dust.js Engine Released

We've never encountered a web templating framework we love more than Dust.js. This week we've finally taken the time to package our internal Dust utility for public consumption, and we are proud to announce version 1.0[.2] of "dust-engine", our own little open-source utility for working with Dust on the command-line, in JavaScript code and within web development frameworks like Express.js.

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5 Things - The DocumentAlchemy CLI Edition

In March we blogged about “Five Things You Can Do With the DocumentAlchemy API”, and provided source code examples for doing each of them.

Today we'll revisit those tasks and demonstrate how to complete them using the DocumentAlchemy Command-Line Interface—an open-source program that makes it easy to leverage the document processing API from the command-line.

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Split and Join Commands Added to CLI

Just a quick note that split and join commands have been added to the DocumentAlchemy command-line interface.

split will split a PDF document into individual pages.

join will combine a collection of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and PDF documents into a single PDF.

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Introducing the DocumentAlchemy CLI

The DocumentAlchemy team is happy to announce the release of a command-line interface to our document processing API. The command line interface makes it even easier to use the DocumentAlchemy API, whether for quick, one-off conversions or as a simple tool for integrating DocumentAlchemy with other programs.

The DocumentAlchemy CLI installs a program called document-alchemy with which you can invoke DocumentAlchemy's API endpoints thru a simple command-line syntax.

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