API Version History

This page summarizes changes to DocumentAlchemy's RESTful document conversion and processing API and related documentation.

DocumentAlchemy API v1.2.6 - Released 29 April 2016.

New REST Method for Counting Words in Documents.

By request, a new API method was added that returns a simple JSON document containing the number of words found in a Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or PDF document.

To count the number of words in a document invoke the /api/v1/document/-/rendition/wordcount.json end-point.

Word Count Demo Added.

A simple tool was added to demonstrate the new word count API method. The Word Count tool demonstrates counting the number of words in a PDF or MS Office document.

DocumentAlchemy API v1.2.5 - Released 22 April 2016.

New `range` parameter added to split-document methods.

The /document/{DOC-ID}/rendition/pages.zip REST methods now accept a range parameter that specifies the pages to be included in the generated archive.

For example, given a 20 page document the expression range=even,1,5-9,!6,last-5-last-3,last indicates that pages 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 20 should be included in the archive. See the API documentation for the GET and POST methods for more detail.

DocumentAlchemy API v1.2.4 - Released 13 April 2016.

New REST Methods for Extracting Images from Microsoft Office and PDF Documents.

Support for extracting images embedded in MS Word (.doc/.docx), MS Excel (.xls/.xlsx), MS PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx) and PDF documents was added to the core /document/{DOC-ID}/rendition/{FORMAT} REST methods.

Submit an Office or PDF document and specify media.zip as the rendition format to invoke this method.

The POST method can be used to pull images from an uploaded document. The GET method can be used to pull images from a previously stored document.

DocumentAlchemy API v1.2.3 - Released 9 April 2016.

New “Multi-Capture” Variation of the Browser Screen-Capture API Method.

A POST variation of the previously released web-screenshot API method was added to support rendering a page at several resolutions or aspect ratios in a single call.

To capture multiple screenshots in a single call, specify the screenshots to capture in the request body and request the zip rendition of the URL.

Responsive Site Testing Tool Added

The Responsive Design Tester demonstrates the new API method capturing multiple images of a single page (at different resolutions, for example).

DocumentAlchemy API v1.2.2 - Released 6 April 2016.

New REST Method for Capturing a Screenshot of a Web Page.

A new API method that renders a web page as an image (PNG or JPEG) was added. To render a web page as an image, invoke the GET /api/v1/document/-/ end-point, passing the URL of the page to be captured and the desired image format.

Web-Screenshot Demo Added.

A new tool was added to demonstrate the new web-screenshot API method. The Web Screenshot tool demonstrates capturing a web page as a single image.

DocumentAlchemy API v1.2.1 - Released 28 March 2016.

New REST Methods for Converting MS Word to Markdown.

A new API method the converts Microsoft Word documents (.doc/.docx) to Markdown was added. To convert Word to the Markdown format, use the core /document/{DOC-ID}/rendition/{FORMAT} REST methods, specifying md as the target rendition format.

The POST method will generate a Markdown file from an uploaded Word document. The GET method will generate a Markdown file from a previously-stored Word document.

Word-to-Markdown Demo Added.

A new tool was added to demonstrate the new Word-to-Markdown API methods. The Convert MS Word to Markdown tool will do just that.

(Changes in versions prior to v1.2 are not recorded here.)


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NOTE: This page only documents released versions of the API. For this reason, version numbers may “skip-over” some values—for example, jumping from version 1.1.1 to version 1.1.3 with no reference to version 1.1.2. This simply means that version 1.1.2 was not released to the production system.

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