The easy-to-use API for doing anything with documents.

 Create Thumbnail from PDF

Generate a thumbnail image for any PDF document.

 Capture a Web Screenshot

Generate an image of a web page or HTML document.

 Convert Markdown to PDF

Turn any Markdown document into a PDF document.

 Convert Excel to PDF

Turn any Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into a PDF document.

 Convert Markdown to HTML

Turn any Markdown document into an HTML file.

 Convert PDF to Word

Turn any PDF document into a Microsoft Word document.

Don't re-invent the wheel. With DocumentAlchemy you can add robust document processing to your app in an afternoon.

 Split PDF

Extract individual pages from a PDF document.

 Convert PowerPoint to PDF

Turn any Microsoft PowerPoint presentation into a PDF document.

 Responsive Design Tester

Test your responsive site by capturing screenshots at different resolutions.

 Create Thumbnail from PowerPoint

Generate a thumbnail image for any Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

 Watermark PDFs

Stamp an image or text on some or all pages of a PDF document.

 Generate QR Codes

Encode URLs, contact information and other data in scanable QR codes.

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 Combine Arbitrary Documents

Join several Microsoft Office, PDF or other documents into a single PDF.

 Create Thumbnail from Excel

Generate a thumbnail image for any Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

 Extract Text from PDF

Cleanly extract plain-text content from a PDF document.

 Convert Word to PDF

Turn any Microsoft Word document into a PDF document.

 Combine PDFs

Join or collate some or all pages from two or more PDF documents.

 Convert Word to Markdown

Extract clean Markdown content from any Microsoft Word document.

Instantly add Microsoft Office support to your application, even on mobile, without the hassle and expense of maintaining a dedicated conversion box.

DocumentAlchemy is a RESTful web service API for converting, generating and processing “documents” in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Office, PDF, HTML, Markdown, OpenOffice, images (PNG/JPEG/GIF/WebP/TIFF) and data (XML/JSON/FDF).

Visit the live demonstrations of document conversion and processing for more examples what DocumentAlchemy can do.

To learn more about the DocumentAlchemy API, visit the interactive API reference or review some of the sample code (at GitHub).

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